About Us

JLBM was created to offer enterprises a bespoke business mobile service dedicated to delivering pro-active management of your mobile contracts. On the back of extensive sales experience gained helping clients and customers since 2005, we have developed a custom-built portal that ensures businesses only pay for the services they use. Our service offers pro-active management of your account, and also helps to prevent unexpected overspends.

Pro-actively managing your contracts

Unlike many other providers, we don’t offer quick fixes like discount deals and special offers. Our approach is designed instead to provide our customers with the control to help grow their businesses using our innovative business tool. By carefully analysing the way enterprises communicate, we ensure we can deliver a contract with full support before any paperwork is signed.

Personalised packages

At JLBM, we understand that every company is unique with its own individual requirements. We always work closely with our customers, getting to know them and assessing their business processes. By looking at current bills, spending trends and data usage, we create a customer profile that allows us to offer communications packages that match client needs, with no one-size-fits-all solutions.

More than this, our analysis allows us to create a set of rules that sits on our access point name (APN), ensuring you can never spend beyond your established limits. If your company is expanding internationally, we offer industry-leading international calls and data packages to keep your business communications running wherever your team may find themselves.

Communication is key

While keeping in contact with our clients is essential for us to share the ongoing business benefits of our approach, we allow our customers to choose how this happens. From weekly emails to identify potential overspends, to quarterly reviews where customers can feedback on service, a host of options are available to choose from.

To learn more, please drop us a message via our contact form.