The benefits of Business contracts vs Consumer

As a business, JL Business Mobiles look after sole traders with one device, up to large corporates with hundreds. One of the most common questions we get asked, is the difference between consumer and business tariffs.

We will receive screengrabs or hyperlinks to offers seen online, which can be £5+ cheaper per month than our lowest tariff. So what is the difference, and why is business typically more expensive?


Time and Accountability

As a Managing Director, my phone is essential to me. If something went wrong, I would want it fixed as soon as possible. I would want to be able to contact somebody for an immediate response – and be reassured it would be fixed post haste. I would not want to have to sit on hold to customer services for hours trying to resolve the issue. Our time is too valuable for that.

Cost Management

Without spend caps and active monitoring, we might be making a call that we do not know the cost us. Particularly if a member of staff with a company phone does not think about who pays the bill. Suddenly, that £5 per month saving has cost you £80 in one month, £40 the next. It all adds up. With our alerts and toggle on and off restrictions, you can really help control the spend from the very first day of the contract.



Travelling abroad? Need to work? What is included and what do you need to add? These are all issues that are best addressed before you leave, however sometimes it does not cross our minds as we’re too busy. So, you get abroad and you’ve hit your spend cap, or your data isn’t working and you need to send some important emails – how quickly can you get this up and running?
Typically, one call or message and you’re sorted. Our team can jump on the business portal and enable what needs to be enabled for you to function normally from wherever in the world you are. We can add bolt-ons to reduce overspend, restrict social media and streaming on employee’s handsets who might otherwise be tempted to eat up the data whilst away with work – and much more.

So next time you’re considering consumer tariffs vs business – look a little deeper before you commit to a deal.

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