Five sectors that can benefit from bespoke business mobiles

Every enterprise is unique and has its own set of challenges to overcome if it wants to be successful, but ensuring clear communication is always maintained is key. While there are plenty of one-size-fits-all solutions readily available for business mobile, you might find they are not really the answer for your firm. Off-the-shelf options can mean you end up paying for services you never use, or require you to pay for additional features to cover your company’s specific needs.

These issues can be easily sidestepped by opting instead for a bespoke business mobile package. Tailor-made for individual enterprises, these packages are suited to a variety of different businesses working in a wide range of sectors. Here are just five example:

1. Leading logistics

A bespoke approach can be ideal for those transporting and delivering goods. With a mainly mobile workforce, a logistics hub must stay in contact with its drivers wherever they are. Along with this, a fully adaptable bespoke service means you can alter your package as your fleet expands.

2. Security set-ups

If you operate a security service with teams of guards patrolling large locations or on a variety of different sites, a tailor-made mobile offering can be worth considering. Besides keeping close communication, firms can establish rules that make sure they are alerted when overspends are imminent.

3. Facilities management

Whether you are managing teams of electricians or cleaners, you will need to always have them within easy reach in order to deliver client services. A bespoke mobile option can make sure you not only stay in touch, but also allow you to keep track of how devices are being used. Capping on calls makes sure you never exceed your limits for data and minutes.

4. Selling at home and away

If your business features a mobile sales staff, you could be well served with an equally mobile service designed for your needs. Whether you do business in the UK, across the continent or even internationally, you can choose an option that suits where you work so you only pay the best rates possible, while making calls wherever and whenever you need to.

5. Serving the service industry

When you want to provide customer satisfaction, bespoke business mobile can be an answer. This unique type of offering can analyse the way your firm uses mobile to ensure you are operating on the most cost-effective tariff. This analysis can offer savings you can then pass on to customers.

Using our extensive sales experience here at JLBM, we help our customers stay connected and work more effectively with seamless solutions. Providing a full service, we can handle all your needs and set you up with tailor-made packages designed to suit how you do business. Our premium service ensures long-term savings, allowing your business to build its future.

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