How to save money on calls to Europe

At JLBM, we’ve developed a wide range of communication solutions for firms who need an agile answer to their business mobile needs. From ensuring you stay connected wherever your colleagues and customers are located to keeping you in control of your company handsets, we’ve devised a multi-option portal to deliver a service that can be fully customised.

Whether you operate in the UK or around the world, we have add-ons to suit your needs. For example, if you have business connections across Europe you can enjoy the numerous benefits of a bolt-on bespoke to where your work takes you. From exclusive features including competitive tariffs, and up-to-date details on accounts and handsets, our Pro-Europe add-on offers a premium service via outstanding network coverage that is second to none.

Welcome to Pro-Europe privileges

This is ideal for enterprises who do business throughout Europe and the UK. Our Pro-Europe add-on delivers elite options for customers who select it.

Offering the ultimate in cost saving on calls to Europe, businesses who elect to adopt Pro-Europe benefits will enjoy an unlimited allowance of minutes. Calls made from here in the United Kingdom to more than 40 different countries outlined in our Europe Zone will remain entirely uncapped for the entire duration of your contract. This means you can contact your colleagues and clients around Europe whenever you need to – whether they are based in France and Finland or Spain and Slovakia – all while keeping control of your costs.

Dedicated features keeping you in control of costs

As a Pro-Europe user, you can select the data plan that most suits your company’s requirements, so you never pay for any services you don’t need and get the most from those you do. If you find you need extra data or minutes as your enterprise expands, we can adjust your plan and personalise it to the changing needs of your growing business.

We can also analyse the way you do business and where you’re spending money on calls to Europe to make sure your plan is perfect for you. Detailed accounts of how you are spending will allow you peace of mind and greater control on overspends.

Enterprises benefitting from a Pro-Europe plan

The Pro-Europe bundle has been created to assist companies working with customers, contacts, and colleagues around the continent. If your business involves manufacturing teams abroad or manages logistics over Europe, then this add-on can be highly beneficial. Whether you have offices based in European countries or an extensive staff of mobile sales agents, you need to keep in contact with then this plan provides the perfect solution.

A tailor-made communication solution

At JLBM, we aim to offer superior communication options for our customers, but we understand every business is unique. Whatever your requirements when doing business with connections in Europe, you can count on us to personalise your package and build the ultimate add-on for your plan. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to fully explore the Pro-Europe bundle and how your business can benefit from it.

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