The Importance of Business Mobiles

In everyday life, the mobile phone is often mooted as the one device people could not live without. In the age before mobiles, we had a desk phone, file-o-fax, fax machine, calendar, calculator and more. They all live within our mobiles now; so it’s important to ensure your procurement is thorough.

Before any contracts are signed, we will generally ask for 3 months of current bills, a list of current handsets, expansion plans, world travel plans, insights into the use of the business mobile and much more. This helps us build a picture of how a company communicates, but more important helps us identify any current overspend, and how that can be avoided in the future through our award winning portal.

A lot of the time, director’s want the top end iPhone’s or Androids, whereas engineers, sales reps and field based roles only really require a mid-range, high functioning device with good battery life. There has certainly been a trend over the last few years of a switch from basic iPhones (£400+) to simpler, more functional android devices, which are circa £100-200.

Our portal can help lock these devices instantly should people leave the business, as well as restricting social media browsing, adult content and gambling sites and much more – keeping your staff productive and work focused when on the clock.


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