Top 5 tips to help control your mobile spend

Every business – particularly those growing at a rate of knots – has been stung with a large mobile bill at some point. Whether it’s excess data usage, international calls or premium text – they soon add up. This handy guide will give you an insight into our top 5 ways to stop the shock.

Tip #1 – Know your habits

A lot of the time when we meet potential clients, we analyse their phone bills to create a spend and usage profile. Upon feeding back, the majority have no idea of the trends and habits of their users. From weekend streaming, texting to radio shows or X-Factor to calling UPS to see where their work delivery is – the costs add up. If you don’t know the habits of your colleagues, it makes it difficult to control spend without inhibiting best practice.

Tip #2 – Develop a good relationship with your provider

The prevention is better than the cure. If you’re planning a work trip or even a personal trip abroad, are you confident you’re covered for calls, texts and data? Could you pick up the phone to an individual who will make sure you have the correct package or bolt ons activated? If the answer is no, you’re a lot more likely to be hit with a juicy bill.

Tip #3 – Utilise your spend cap

On 1st October 2018 – Spend caps were introduced to help prevent overspend on out of bundle charges. In our experience, only a handful of people know about this. You can apply a set financial amount on each individual user , from £0 upwards, to ensure you fully control that spend. By law, every provider has to offer this service.

Tip #4 – Delegate

A lot of our clients want us to do the controlling for them. Any good quality provider will offer this service, whereby an email request / telephone request for adding restrictions to certain individuals or groups is actioned within a set time period. This removes the need for staff to sit on the phone to customer service for hours at a time to get restrictions placed on accounts. When choosing a provider , ensure they’re capable of providing this service, as it’s key in freeing up the time of your staff to do the job they’re employed to do

Tip #5 – Use WiFi Calling

Possibly the best tip of them all – if you’ve not been spoken to about WiFi calling, you should have been. If you have a stable internet connection, WiFi calling eliminates any potential signal issues through building constraints or blackspots. It uses your bandwidth to provide high quality calls, without the fear of signal drop.

JL Business Mobiles was founded in 2019 by Jamie Lloyd. With over 16 years in business to business sales, Jamie set up to provide a comprehensive business mobile offering to the UK market. The company was founded on the belief that there was no truly bespoke offering of both full control and security, as well as industry leading customer service.

We believe that mobile phones and tablets are essential to the way the vast majority of UK businesses run. We also believe that if done incorrectly, they can have a detrimental effect on the performance and collaboration of our clients. This is why choosing your business communications partners is one of the most important decisions you can make.

By choosing JL Business Mobiles, you’ll gain access to:

  • UK based customer service
  • An award winning business portal
  • Dedicated customer care – both pre and post sales
  • A personal, tailored service
  • Regular account/spend reviews

We hope our tips can save you some time and money in the short term, and we’d love to arrange a conversation about the future state of your companies mobile fleet in the long term. If this is of interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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