What we offer

Whether you are a medium-sized firm or a large-scale enterprise, at JLBM, we can provide your operation with all the communication solutions you require. From keeping connected to ensuring you stay in control of your handsets, we have developed a full-service portal that can be customised to answer your individual needs, so it is tailor-made for the way your business communicates.

We offer exceptional network coverage boosted by bolt-ons and additional business services, along with a selection of special tariffs bespoke to your requirements. Our live reporting service will ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about your customer account and associated handsets. That way, you can always keep total control of data and minutes being used by your personnel.

While our portal ably serves companies operating here in the UK, if you do business in Europe or even all across the globe, we can also help with specially designed bolt-ons carefully crafted for those who work further afield.

Across continent communication with Pro Europe

For enterprises with business connections in Europe, we offer this exclusive tariff. The Pro Europe add-on offers companies who need to contact colleagues and clients in the Europe Zone a simple and effective way to keep total control of their call costs.

With the Pro Europe option, businesses can appreciate the advantages of an unlimited call allowance from here in the UK to over 40 different destinations listed in the Europe Zone for the entire length of their contract. From Austria and the Azores, to Spain and Switzerland, you can communicate with European contacts with complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you will never overspend.

Along with unlimited minutes, Pro Europe users can also select the data plan that best suits their usage. Whatever your data requirements.

Business without borders with Global Traveller

Our Global Traveller option will ensure you stay connected wherever your work takes you. From the second you step from the plane, you will experience seamless coverage from a roaming bolt-on that operates in all countries outside of the United Kingdom and the Europe Zone, so you can keep communicating from anywhere in the world.

Designed to offer you the best prices as you carry out business around the globe, we offer long-term cost savings on data and minutes.

We have also expanded our range of minutes and data allowances so our clients can get 2GB of data or 300 global minutes to use as they choose. Our Global Minutes option covers any call, whether made or received, including those between regions previously not covered; for example, those to and from China and the USA.

The perfect package for your business

At JLBM, we understand that every company has its own communication concerns. If you can’t find a solution to suit the way you work, get in touch today and our professional team will put together the perfect package for all your business needs.