WfH – Working From Holiday?



As with many professionals, when we are on holiday from work, we still have work to do. Particularly business owners and key decision makers in the modern, quick responsive world we live in. Whether it’s catching up on emails, making important calls to suppliers or buyers – or simply checking in at the office to ensure the world hasn’t gone into meltdown in our absence. We may not necessarily want to – but a lot of the time, we know we must.

The question is – how much does that cost?

One quick 10 minute call from South America back to the UK to run through the daily figures. One unexpected 30 minute WhatsApp video call to deal with a client issue. Watching a new 90 second promo video on your mobile data. It all adds up. For those who have received that bill after their holiday – it’s not pleasant and it can be devastating to cashflow for smaller businesses. Therefore it’s very important to ensure you have the correct bolt-ons and account management in place before you travel.

At JLBM – we offer all our clients access to an award-winning portal with full account management. With access to bolt ons, bill management, account restrictions and more, we help to ensure our clients never spend more than intended. Whether they want to organise it themselves – or their dedicated account manager to do it for them.


Whether you’re looking to save money, control overspend or simply increase productivity – get in touch today to see what JLBM can do for your business.

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